Electrifying Spain with EV Charging Solutions

The Spanish government has accelerated Spain’s progress in the new energy industry through subsidies for electric vehicle consumption and the subsidy policy for photovoltaic feed-in tariffs. The growth rate of electric vehicles once reached over 90%, and this growth directly promoted the charging infrastructure of electric cars in Spain. The combination of charging equipment and photovoltaic power consumption is the major mainstream. ADEV cooperates with a well-known photovoltaic new energy company in Spain. It uses our charging pile to connect to their photovoltaic system to realize the practical application of electric energy.

“Why ADEV?”

Over the years, ADEV has established itself as a supporter of a cleaner environment and clean energy with our EV charging solutions. We have partnered with various governments and organizations to help them achieve their goals and ambitions of cleaner air and reduced footprints within their cities. These accomplishments demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the health and safety of humans worldwide.

Additionally, our products are equipped with safety features that ensure your safety while using our charging devices. These features include tight-fitting connectors that are weather-proof and protect against voltage leaks while charging. Our products are competitively priced as we leverage the abundance of expertise available at our Shenzhen headquarters, also known as the Silicon Valley of China.

Although we are based in China, we have expanded our reach globally to serve our numerous customers and help them solve their EV charging challenges with solutions tailored to their needs. One thing is certain: our customers benefit from cost-effective, high charging efficiency, intuitive, and easy-to-use EV charging solutions. You, too, can enjoy these benefits if you choose us as your EV charging solutions provider.

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