Nebula 7KW EV CHARGING STATION,Electric Vehicle Charger,Tesla Wall Connector EV Charger, AC 7kw Weatherproof Level 2 heavyduty

AdEV AC EV Charger for home or public is a compact AC Charging station for users at homes, offices and other residential locations, shopping mall etc. Its system is simple and featured with small footprint and easy operation.

AdEV electric car charging station developed to make your life much easier. Smart and also suitable with every EV on the road, it’s recognized for its absolute durability, the quality of its craftsmanship as well as its user-friendliness. Home is where EV drivers normally do the majority of their charging. Studies show that in between 60 to 80% of EV charging is done in the home.

Having a level 2 charger at home resembles having your own gas terminal right at your front door. Simply plug your EV into your home charger every evening, and also have your vehicle totally charged and also prepared for your day-to-day commute in the early morning.

AdEV is a professional manufacturer for electric vehicle charger, their level 2 ev charger is compatible with all electrical as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles.



Product Description


  • Secure and safe
  • The best charging station for home and private use
  • Cost effective, compact design, home use with competitive price
  • Simple operation and intelligent, start/stop charging by RFID card, simple HMI with LED indicators
  • Friendly interface
  • OLED Color screen for easiest user interaction and real-time status view
  • Home use app with intelligent bluetooth control the wallbox
  • Robust structure IP54, IK10
  • Type A+DC 6mA leakage protection
  • Designed for outdoor or indoor installation
  • Certified to operate between -30°C to 55°C
  • Weighs 5kg
  • Type 1 or Type 2 charging cable
  • Wall-mount or floor-stand installation
  • Over current protection, Residual current protection, Ground protection, Surge protection,
  • Over/Under voltage protection, Over/Under frequency protection, Over/Under temperature protection
  • Flexible Option, Type 1 or Type 2 charging cable, 16A or 32A adjustable output current
  • RFID authentication, optional with plug and play
  • Wall-mounted or floor-stand installation
  • Plastic PC940/ Galvanized steel Casing, front panel with temper glass
  • Type 2 cable 5M industrial grade cable included


  • Shopping centers
  • Residential community garages
  • Private house
  • Companies and hotels
  • EV dealers
  • Service workshops


Tech Specs

Technical Features
Charging CapacityUp to 7KWUp to 11 KWUp to 22KW
Input/Output power230VAC± 20%-50/60Hz-32A-400VAC±20%-50/60Hz-400VAC±20%-50/60Hz-
RCD30Ma RCD Type A and DC 6Ma RCD function
Standby power<3W
Measuring accuracy1%
CommunicationBluetooth/WIFI(Optional) APP
Load balancingCT+Meter((Optional))
PEN ProtectionOptional
User interfaceLED/LCD(3.5")/ RFID(mifare iso& IEC 14443A)
Certifificate/ComplianceCE / EN/IEC 61851-1:2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2:2018
Charging InterfaceType 2 cable 5M
Special ProtectionOver current protection, Residual current protection, Ground protection, Surge
protection, Over/Under voltage protection, Over/Under frequency protection,
Over/Under temperature protection
Physical Properties
Warranty2 years
ProtectionIP54, IK10,
EnclosurePlastic PC940/ Galvanized steel
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Front PanelTemper glass
CoolingNatural cooling
Operating temperature -30 °to +55 °
Product Dimensions320*230*100(L*W*H)mm
Package Dimension465*325*270(L*W*H)mm
Net Weight5.1Kg5.5Kg5.5Kg
Gross Weight5. 8Kg6.2Kg6.5Kg
Taurus 22KW EV Charger 9
Going electric just got easier with our smart home AC EV Charger

Up to 22kW of fast-charging power

Just 1.3 kg

Type 1 or Type 2 cable to charge any EV

No earthing rod required
Integrated PEN fault protection

Always ready
Tethered cable for instant plug-and-go charging

Control via Bluetooth and WiFi with the myWallbox app

Energy Management upgrades. Even more sustainable and cost-effective charging.

Smart saving, solar charging compatible.Get an off-peak charging schedule suggestion right at on boarding in the cellphone app. Charge with energy that’s cleaner and cheaper, depending on your energy provider and plan, with just one click.Solar Energy compliant.

Taurus 22KW EV Charger 5
Taurus 22KW EV Charger 2
How Long Does It Take To Charge Through An EV Charger?

The time taken by your EV charger to charge your electric vehicle depends upon the type of EV charger. As mentioned earlier, there are three main levels of an EV charger. Each of these levels possesses its own period to charge the electric vehicle. The time taken by your EV charger based on its level is given below: For level 1 EV chargers, it will take 2 to 5 miles per hour to charge your EV. For level 2 EV chargers, you can charge your electrical vehicles about 15 times faster than those charged by level 1. Note that level 2 EV Chargers can charge 13-75 miles per hour. It is also important to note that level 2 EV chargers are quite simple and easy to use. You can find it as a perfect solution for residential charging purposes.

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